dimanche 16 mars 2008

Greenland 1 and 2

Whether it was originally commissioned by Casterman "A Suivre" it was never published in France. The first part was published in a British magazine called Expresso "Special Romance" in 1991, with the help of Frank Wynne. The ensemble was published in Italy, two years later, in a magazine called "Corto Maltese". Ironically, the three parts were published in the last three issues of this magazine. Fulvia Serra gave a great help and at least the publication was very well taken care of.
Greenland has never been Published as a book.

The story
The story itself is about two lovers who decide to stay on the telephone without speaking to each other. Nowadays, it is very commonplace to have a msn window opened on a computer screen and not to talk, but at the time I don't think anyone would have used the telephone to remain silent.
Invisible communication is the general theme. This miscommunication is made visible through the color.
I will comment on each new page, in order to help the reader get at least the first degree of the story.
The absence of dialogue and its replacement by color was deliberately meant to create
"opera aperta", the way Umberto Eco implied it. So it has many significations.